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Vibratory Compounds


Abrasive mass-finishing compounds contain insoluble abrasive material for the purpose of expediting deburring and finishing operations. These products are particularly effective when used with hardened steel parts or parts where surface improvement is required. Abrasive compounds are utilized in closed vibratory or tumble finishing systems. Chemtrol abrasive compounds have been developed through Precision Finishing’s long experience with this type of mass finishing processing. They contain selected quality abrasives, water conditioners, suspension agents, and rust inhibitors to provide highest quality results.


Burnishing compounds provide bright, clean, lustrous results from mass finishing operations. Used following deburring or abrasive operations, they will restore color and are useful in removing spent materials which may interfere with subsequent processing. When used with hardened steel media, burnishing compounds produce especially bright finishes on stainless steel and non-ferrous parts which can be used as the final finish in many instances.
Production-tested Chemtrol burnishing compounds have been developed using quality concentrated raw materials to provide highest quality results at minimum concentrations.


Mass finishing cleaning compounds are utilized to remove oils, greases and other contaminants either during mass finishing processing or prior to the use of other processes. These materials are also employed where low-thru or non-abrasive deburring operations are being performed. In addition to providing clean parts, they also serve the purpose of keeping media sharp and free from glazing.  Chemtrol cleaning compounds have demonstrated their superiority providing excellent cleaning characteristics and in-process rust protection. They have become a standard for comparison. The 300 series products also include alkaline de-scalers and rust inhibitors and preventatives. All products of this category are alkaline.


Descaling compounds remove scale, rust, tarnish and discoloration from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These products are also used as a bleach to restore natural metal color to parts which have been subjected to prior processing.
Chemtrol descaling compounds are designed to take advantage of the mechanical energies imparted by the mass finishing motion allowing the use of less corrosive acids than required in strictly chemical stripping operations. Cost reductions in waste disposal can be realized. Neutralization of parts and effluent is recommended following the use of these products.

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