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Replacement Parts

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  • We stock many common wear-and-tear replacement parts.

  • We have a variety of replacement parts and safety accessories for portable blast pots.

  • We also offer repair or upgrade parts for many brands of larger blast equipment.


Call Us — we’ll do our best to get you what you need!  In the meantime, see our selection of common parts below.

Wear-and Tear Parts
HOSE - Gray
HOSE - Gray

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TRINCO Style - White
TRINCO Style - White

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ABEC Style - White
ABEC Style - White

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HOSE - Gray
HOSE - Gray

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We keep a wide stock of wear-and-tear replacements for the parts of blast equipment that wear easily in the finishing processes. 

Our stock includes a variety of:

  • Filter Cartridges

  • Filter Bags

  • Replacement Safety Windows and Covers

  • Lens Covers

  • Nozzles

  • Couplings

  • Blast Hose

  • Blast Gloves

  • Blast Guns

  • Fittings

Portable Pot Accessories
Portable Pot Accessories
micro valve
micro valve

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climate control tube
climate control tube

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micro valve
micro valve

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There are many options available to customize portable blast pots to ensure proper finishing processes and personnel safety.

Options include:

  • Pneumatic or Electric Deadman Controls - are considered to be the safest, most reliable, and dependable in the industry.

  • ComboValves - combine the functions of the air inlet and the blow-down valves.

  • MicroValve - Precisely meters all types of abrasive media.

  • Thompson Valve - a normally closed, self-sealing, metering valve that can start and stop abrasive media flow while the vessel remains constantly pressurized.

  • Wear-and-Tear Parts - like any blasting equipment, portable pots have parts that wear down from use, and they are easy to replace and keep the pots up to perfect functioning condition.

  • Personnel Safety Supplies - The most common safety options are blasting hoods and helmets which come with many options of accessories to fit the process like climate tubes or tinted lens covers. See below for info on the RPB Nova options.  

nova 2000.png
nova package.jpg


  • NV 2000 Nova Blast Hood w/ NV 2002 Nylon Cape

  • NV 2021 Breathing Tube

  • NV 2016 Flow Control Valve Assembly

  • NV 2029 50′ Breathing Air Supply hose

  • APF 3000-01 Airline Filter c/w pressure

  • regulator and quick disconnect outlet fitting

  • *Hood Assembly Only Includes: hood, cape, breathing tube, and flow control valve assembly


  • NV2018 Inner lens, pack of 10

  • NV2031 Outer lens, pack of 50

  • NV2017 Tear-off lens, pack of 50

climate control tube.jpg
Why choose Nova?

NOVA 2000​

  • The inner lens complies with ANSI Z87.1 and European safety standards for impact resistance, providing a high level of protection for the wearer.

  • The rubber window frame gasket provides a seal from dust leakage.

  • Optional Climate Control Tube offers workers the opportunity to cool or warm incoming air to maximize productivity.

  • The polystyrene impact dome provides the wearer with added head protection in addition to the helmet shell.

  • The linings are fully removable for ease of cleaning and can be quickly exchanged if needed for hygienic reasons.

  • The inner cape provides a barrier to airborne contaminants, keeping the inside of the helmet free of dust.

  • The strong steel air control mount/ belt holder is designed so any pull on the air supply hose is transferred to the belt not the helmet.

NOVA 2000 Blast Hood Features:

  • Air duct distribution system ~ diffuses an even flow of breathing air throughout the helmet to cool your head and face, and to prevent the lens from fogging.

  • Luxurious, lightweight pillow foam padding~ ensures the helmet always sits comfortably on your head. The padding is Velcro mounted and easily removed for hygienic cleaning.

  • Super tough helmet shell ~ made of high density polyethylene, U.V. stabilized and characteristically abrasion resistant.

  • Large, double lens ~ optimum vision without irritating side glare. Optional tear-off lenses.

  • Rugged removable face frame ~ mounted on a integral molded hinge and secured with a super strong latch.

  • Multi layered sound deadening foam ~ makes this helmet the quietest on the market.

  • Strongly attached cape ~ eight stud domes ensure the cape stays on! You won’t experience the cape falling off.

  • Abrasion resistant butadiene band ~ seals the cape and prevents abrasive from entering the helmet.

  • Tough but lightweight nylon cape for protection from rebounding abrasive.

  • Snug detachable inner cape ~ made of soft breathable fabric to allow air flow down your neck whilst maintaining positive pressure in the helmet to keep out the dust.


  • Climate to suit you: Adjust the temperature inside your helmet with the NV4000 Climate Control Tube. The temperature can be increased or decreased by as much as 17°C (30°F).

  • Tough as…The NV4000 Climate Control Tube is manufactured from a super tough engineering plastic material which will withstand the roughest of treatment. The materials used in the construction are non-toxic to ensure there are no risks to your health.

  • Approved design: The NV4000 Climate Control Tube has been approved by NIOSH for use with the Nova 2000, approval No. TC-19C-363. Rigorous testing procedures during development ensures that the NV4000 is working at maximum efficiency.

Sandblast Equipment Parts
Blast Equipment Parts

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ZERO Style - White
ZERO Style - White

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ABEC Style - White
ABEC Style - White

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The type of blast equipment, the brand of the equipment, and what you use the equipment for, will change the parts and upgrades that you might need for your blasting set-up.

We have equipment parts like:

  • Motors

  • Regulators

  • Media Valves

  • Tuning Bands

  • Wheel Kits

  • Gasket Material

  • Blast Cabinet Doors

  • Blast Room Replacement Parts

  • Many others

Call us to get help with finding the right replacement parts for your blasting needs.

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